Conceptarian Worx

Education Advisory Services - Building Nations....One Student at a Time

Conceptarian Worx was founded as an all-round education advisory service provider to students who aspire to study abroad, and has evolved into solving problems faced by educators and learners in our ever increasingly challenging world, providing top tier innovation and international standards within economic reach.

Our further care, concern and support continues through obtaining a student visa, and staying in regular contact with the student, the University and parents to monitor their development and progress.


In an ever-evolving world, provide ethically and morally driven solutions for education, which we believe to be transformational to the human condition. In enabling the freedom of thought through the power of knowledge and discipline, promote and nurture the spirit of endeavour and the pursuit of dignity and preservation of life for all beings and protection of the environment.


To harness innovative human, technological and academic resources to provide services and solutions that allow the proliferation, maintenance and provision of academic possibility through consistent growth and improvement, ensuring a high level of quality for the most competitive value without discrimination or prejudice.