Kusimudzirana Bonded Scholarship Program


Providing skills to Zimbabwean industries, enabling growth and reducing the reliance on imported skills.

More about the program

The Kusimudzirana program is aiming to increase and develop Zimbabwe’s industries, and workforce while empowering Zimbabwe’s youth through education for sustainable development. We aim to achieve this by collaborating with corporates to sponsor promising academic economically disadvantaged students through tertiary education at Vellore Institute of Technology, India (https://vit.ac.in/). Graduates of the Bonding Program will go on to empower and increase the Zimbabwean industry and middle class.
The Kusimudzirana program can maximise meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility through creating a young workforce and getting return on investment while addressing the skills requirement by our transforming industry


Why India?

   India is at the forefront of the most rapidly developing sectors in today’s global economy - making it an ideal place to earn a world class education.    Students will experience one of the oldest and richest cultures in the world. India's education system plays a leading role in the fields of business management, finance, healthcare, and information technology.

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What is a Bonding Program?

The Bonded Scholarship Program is designed to financially assist qualified applicants in obtaining degrees from accredited academic institutions of higher learning.  A business invests in talent generation in young graduates and in return they gain qualified, in demand human resources in their company

Due Diligence Process

Kusimudzirana will carry out the following to ensure security in your investment:

    Interview & References checks on students
   Police Clearance
   Psychometric Testing including EQ and Social Intelligence Assessment
   Corporate Job Architecture and matching to corporate identity
   Overseas Support

   Signed letter of undertaking and all contracts completed by our legal team
   Process for reciprocal recognition of qualification
   Successful Student will provide a Guarantor  

   Return & Reintegration Support
   Clear & Concise Contracts